Jul 9, 2009

Advanced Masking alá Deke

Deke McClelland, Scott Kelby, Guest Wednesday

Masking can be quite an art in Photoshop. Scott Kelby has a Wednesday GUEST blog – this time it’s Deke McClelland. Deke provides a half hour video about Advanced Masking – at the advanced alpha channel, calculations, split luminance slider levels, etc.
For me, this video came at just the right time. I’ve been studying masking. Most CS4 tools Deke uses are already part of my repertoire…
It’s just his salient organization and lucid explanation which made me feel I was jumping to another complete level by simply watching this video.

Masking Books and Videos
Deke has a recent book on masking, Photoshop CS4 Channels; Masks One-on-One… and videos on Lynda.com.

Digging Deeper
Deke has a DVD with this book – his video for us is only a fraction of the total package.  The book’s DVD is about 2.5 hours and received some good reviews.  Lynda.com has a Mastery DVD set which seems to include the masking info as a subset.

If you’re ready to hit masking’s stratosphere, check ‘em out…

My thanks to both Scott Kelby and Deke McClelland in creating this outstanding contribution.

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