May 24, 2010

Time OUT...

Photography has its almost indescribable lures – spring, far away places, magnificent scenery…
The paucity of bloggin is due to planning for sequential trips to Utah and Arizona. Today is a loading day, tomorrow begins a new adventure.

Hopefully, I will have some awesome nature/landscape scenes to report on return…

…until then!

May 1, 2010

CS5 Mania - It's Gone Viral

Photoshop CS5, CS5, Try It, Preorder, Upgrade

Mayday!, Mayday!, Mayday!...
The distress call for voice radio, for vessels and people in serious trouble at sea. The term is anglicizes the French "m'aidez," (help me).
Two friends called me yesterday on April 29th saying, "Joe, you can download CS5...; Joe, I'm already playing with CS5…" looks like CS5 has gone viral!
This morning Adobe lets me have a DVD CS5 version for Try It with a 30 day limit. Amazon lets me pre-order a version to be shipped May 25. Well, maybe it's not Mayday ...after all.

Helpful Videos
In a neat advertising coup d’├ętat, Amazon adds another fillip - Checkout Related Media! This is an amalgamated video feed essentially featuring Scott Kelby to begin explaining CS5.

Amazons CS5 Videos

BTW, a number of more advanced videos are also available. If I were you, I'd watch these knowledgeable sources for future, perhaps more in-depth video tutorials.
PhotoshopUser TV - a free iTunes weekly video with the Photoshop Guys
Julieanne Kost - Adobe TV evangelist
Russell Brown - Adobe guru with 10 new CS5 videos
John Nack - Adobe blogger reaching throughout the company
I'll be digging deeply through these and succeeding tools!

Hardcopy Learning Tools
Amazon also provides me with other learning tools. The Adobe Photoshop CS5 Book for Digital Photographers (Voices That Matter) - Scott Kelby, shipping date TBA. Real World Camera Raw with Adobe Photoshop CS5 – Schewe and Fraser, shipping date TBA.

While it's quite a plethora of data, diligent attention may let you learn a lot before you actually read those books...
Of course, for this Mayday, you may want your own particular writer.

Adobe Photoshop CS5 Forums
Well, this one got away from me. When I put "Adobe Photoshop CS5" and "forum” in Google I only got 1,390,000 hits... you be the judge! I'm not at all sure any of us can handle this particular Mayday.
If you keep your eye peeled, podcasts and videos are quickly spewing out of Adobe and many others as we speak.

Well, looks like we've handled the last Mayday! If you were in trouble with the sea of data regarding Photoshop's CS5 release, if you cried Mayday, the information above may act as your rescue rope...