Feb 3, 2009

Odds & Ends…

In today’s financial strains, blogging photographers are seeking and defining optimism…
James Duncan Davidson has an interesting piece – An Opportunity and Obligation.
Alain Briot considers Audiences and Best Sellers.
David Ziser lists ways to Don’t Stumble, Fumble, or Fall
And, I would imagine you are finding your own sources of faith, as well!

For you HDR buffs…
HDRSoft is continually improving it popular software. With a new tie-in back to Lightroom, it just released PP 3.1.3 beta 5.
If you are used to LR passing information back after external processing, as it clearly does with CS3/CS4 or want the same in other often used in your digital processing, then this release is also good news.

What if you’re quickly trying to produce lots of images for an event using Lightroom?
Syl Arena usually suggests cogent ideas.  In Managing Event Photography with Lightroom, Syl offers a workflow designed to both speed production and consider client needs.  With Library work panels, Syl shows how to really speed your processing.
This is the class of workflow which makes it easy for amateur and professional.

Since many of us rely on Adobe Camera Raw (knowingly or otherwise)…
Jeff Schewe has just updated the renowned Fraser-Schewe series on ACR with CS4.
I’ve been following this series since CS2 – it’s the grease behind Lightroom and CS4.

And, finally, Adobe Lightroom User to User Forums reports user concerns about LR2.3RC…
My present sense of user concerns suggests memory leak is not such a large problem in the new 2.3 version. Granted, there are other issues, some of it simply because Lightroom can either have a steep learning curve or because some particular feature is still a bit klunky.
This forum is a good area for learning; some of the heavy weights occasionally chime in with real nuggets.

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