Feb 11, 2009


I found myself enjoying the challenges this image required of the photographer as well as the inevitably gorgeous changes light makes with varying assistance of magnificent Yosemite foregrounds.

And I realized, once again, blogrolls are an essential element on creating a good blog. William Neill mentioned new blogs he liked. As I am want to do, I checked them out and found that superb Yosemite image. I am thinking about similar shoots involving moonrise and moonset in a regional setting of surreal, other-world dimensions like Mars (The Bisti) – adding another complication to the long list of demanding photography requirements for outstanding images.

A blogroll is simply a website which contains a list of blogs which interest the blogger. Blogger (Google’s free blog service) provides an ability to name the blogroll, sort its applicability as to when the blog was published, and just how long ago that was. In effect, it provides a quick assessment tool for surfing the ever expanging blogosphere…
We find Google’s Blogger has really facilitated this function. Simply find a blog you like, copy the browser address to the clipboard, open Blogger in Draft, select the proper gadget (Blogroll), and add that blog to an ever changing list.

Huzzah, Google, Frye, and Neill – its already a good day…

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