Feb 10, 2009

Dawn’s Cacophony

Bosque Dawn, Bosque del Apache, New Mexico

Dawn’s Cacophony
©Joe Bridwell

Stillness of dawn’s breaking light
captures elusive radiance…
Birds explode in brilliant flight
rapid thrust of swift wing
and cacophony of quack…
Punctuating dawn’s ascendant light
as genial, elusive silhouettes…

Nikon D300, 0649, 24-130 @ 63 mm, 1/100, f 5.6, iso 200

Dual Explosions…
The dark, pre-dawn drive to Bosque del Apache’s first pond near the Flight Deck did not seem particularly auspicious. Yes, some clouds were on the horizon. Yes, birds chose to be very near shore, spiritually tantalizing avid digital photographers.
But would all those birds wait until the sun was just right ~ before exploding into flight during the renowned Flyout? And, would now somber clouds reflect light in a paean of golden ecstasy – a second, magnificently embracing explosion?
Anyone who is an aficionado of Magic Hour, that potentially tumultuous hour around dawn and dusk, knows chance plays such a big role in what the camera can capture. Yet, this morning, Chance simply sat on our shoulders like an inspiring Muse.

Wildlife Photography – Friends of the Bosque, Feb. 7, 2009
We were here for Friends of the Bosque’s February Wildlife Photography Workshop - led by Jerry Goffe. Some 35 bird enthusiasts from New Mexico and Texas had come to experience Jerry’s deep, natural enthusiasm for the Bosque, all things bird, and his truly irrepressible, infectious humor. With co-instructors, Jerry welcomed these participants who hit the cold pre-dawn dirt then simply became enchanted.
Early morning shoots, a 2 hour working session before lunch, an afternoon shooting a raptor (hope I am right – don’t know bird lingo), another, shorter session before dusk, then the final dusk shoot.
Lots of interesting people, different viewpoints, coalescing spirits, desire to learn new things… a well versed teacher, and, of course, dem awesome boids…

Don’t Try Any More Poetry…
The first time I saw Jerry at the Bosque, he was telling someone, “For me, this place is spiritual…!”
I can only hope Dawn’s Cacophony meets Jerry’s meritorious standard…

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