Feb 27, 2009

Day's End…

Familiar Faces #2, Copyright Kenny Weng, With Permission @ moodaholic.com

Familiar Faces #2
©Kenny Weng
With Permission

Some weeks seem to oscillate - the ageless good news/bad news cycle.
As the globe decries fiscal hemorrhage and as photographers stand in immediate need of surcease, I’ve found several sites which show promise, resiliency of mankind, and even… hope!

Syl Arena, Pixsylated, wrote a highly evocative piece on Scott Kelby’s Photoshop Insider Wednesday guest blog. His message, “In Lessons I Didn’t Learn in Photo School, running with the pack won’t get you any attention these days. Create ways for people to remember you. If you know tons about photography but create shallow photos, then read literature, visit art galleries, learn ethnic cooking, volunteer, watch foreign movies, attend theater, travel, coach youth sports… Learning to create photographs that “look” like your world should be only a milestone – not the destination!”

Rob Haggart, A Photo Editor, wrote a provocative piece Young Photographers Just Don’t Have A Chance Right Now. A reader responded, saying he’d been a recent graduate of photography school and, “…never really had a chance to establish ourselves in the field that we truly love.” He cites Simon Norfolk On World Press Photo “My advice? Get re-skilled. Keep your photographic aspirations but try to get a trade like film editing, web-design or accounting. Soon we’ll all be amateur photographers with real money-making jobs on the side that we don’t tell our colleagues about. We need to get over the snobbery attached to that.”
As of my reading, numerous comments came in from around the planet. Each, in its own way, speaks to photography, that great passion, and is a revelation…

Jeff Revell, PhotoWalkPro, had a byline titled Danish Inspiration
Here is a Danish photographer’s way of showing how he approaches today’s photography and world chaos.
In Kenny Weng’s words at m8daholic, “The purpose of my photoblog is to maintain a fair playground with my own rules. The rules do shift over time. Lately the rules are to try making the most in camera on location, though all possible adjustment through RAW is allowed - just like the old dark room.”
I also commend these images; #1 and #2!

As I sit through numerous single judge photo competitions, I listen to judges who “want a straight horizon in the mountains, won’t let a building keystone, decry use of too much vignette, crop a symmetric contrail’s reflection framing ducks on a golden pond, …, yada yada”.
When I look at m8daholic, both in mission statement and thematic images, I am struck by the photographic passion and personal statements made by Kenny Weng.
I found Kenny’s photography particularly moving and spent a early, contemplative, pre-dawn sojourn in Denmark, since Kenny’s work shows me a way beyond both my current shooting limits and other’s judged perceptions.
In particular, I commend the image above. This man expresses wisdom, a rather deep awareness of real life, and embodies an age old, yet timeless strength. Was this person once a struggling photographer?

As I was closing, I found another blog: Penelope Trunk’s Brazen Careerist – a feminine viewpoint. She has good advice for the future as well…

It seems to me that, if photography is really a field you love, you should make every opportunity to find new paths, to find new ways of expanding your photography and self, and, to what some may think as hackneyed journalism, reach for the stars…
Or, simply recall an old saying, "When the going gets tough, the tough get going..."

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