Feb 19, 2009

Ancient History

Mt Tayor, HDR, New Mexico

Mt Taylor, New Mexico
©Joe Bridwell
A cloudless morning was offset by cold air rising from Mt Taylor.  Red Rock cliffs provide a contrasting foreground.  Image from 3 shot high dynamic range (HDR) +/-1EV captures, resolved in Photomatix, Tone Mapped in Lightroom 2.

Albuquerque’s Enchanted Lens Camera Club has an eclectic group of photographers who like to shoot various local and regional venues.  Meeting Wednesdays, Tom Kilroy sends an announcement – yesterday, it was Cebolleta, east of Mt. Taylor.  Nine of us met, assembled in a 4 car caravan, and departed  - “Westward HO…”

Ancient One, Cebolleta, New Mexico

Ancient One
©Joe Bridwell
Such trees immediately stir images of ancient Tiwa, Coronado, and the vast regional history.  Panorama from four 3 shot HDR +/-1EV captures, resolved in Photomatix, merged in Photoshop CS3, Tone Mapped in Lightroom 2.

The Cebolleta Land Grant is a private entity, created in 1807, owned by descendents of original Spanish settlers.  Under the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo of 1849, which ended the Mexican-American War, the United States agreed to honor property rights of land grants, granted to inhabitants by the King of Spain in the 1700's.

Mid-morning light might appear flat to the eye – HDR allows additional tonality to enhance digital captures.

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