Apr 9, 2009

Yesterday's News; Tomorrow's Views

I never know what's going to pop up on the Kelby Wednesday guest blog!
Yesterday, it was Justin Paguia. Justin provided an in-depth breakdown of CS4 workflow for a rather complex S.W.A.T. image. It's a workflow process I want to study. On another yesterday and another Kelby guest Wednesday, Douglas Sonders discussed more about the S.W.A.T. image and other impressive projects.
The combination of planning and imposing image, shooting the image, then post processing requires a lot of visual precision. And, it certainly helps to be a Photoshop expert!

The nice thing about both these blogs ~ they're like tutorials in real life. Okay, you ask, "Now, what you mean by 'real-life'?"
Philosophically, for digital enthusiasts, it's the process of both shooting and enhancing an image or images until they really grab your attention. In the parlance of competition judges, "Now, THAT Image really has Impact!"
'Real life' is all about letting the Muse sit on your shoulder, then playing 'The bear went over the mountain... to see what he could see!'

Tomorrow's Views ~ you never know. But with Justin's work and a little study, you can let your Muse begin to play... or if you want it in another vernacular, Follow the Bear...

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