Aug 8, 2008

"Whoever Loved, That Love Not at First Sight?"

"Whoever Loved, That Love Not at First Sight?" Marlowe, 1595~(Shakespeare, As You Like It, Act 3, Sc. 5 ~ 1600). Paraphrased centuries later "... at First Light!"
Lavender Dawn White Sands award winner

My passion is provocative light on nature's gorgeous landscapes. I love Magic Hour when 'Light, Not Objects, Is the Source of Color.' Naturally, dawn, daytime, and dusk show very different characters; find the right light, pose the right landscape, and Luck will ride your shoulder in beauty.
Lavender Dawn, an award-winning image of White Sands, seems appropriate as the first image to carry our theme and illustrate Newton’s observation about 'light as the source of color.'

Actually, Marlowe wrote:
Where both deliberate, the love is slight:
Who ever loved, that loved not at first sight?
It's as if Marlowe knew digital cameras were on a rather distant horizon. Today's literal translations might be
"Deliberate - learn your equipment, learn your digital imaging environment (Lightroom and Photoshop), learn how to think Photoshop when you shoot…
"First Light - then go shoot when and where Lady Luck abides."
Our blog, Pathways of Light, is an effort to describe all aspects of Marlowe's famous line ~ just in terms of digital and fine art photography of nature.
We discuss happenings in the digital world.
We show you fine art photography in our book Paths of Light.
We teach you how to use Photoshop in Capturing Nature's Light, we show you presentation styles, and we discuss paths to turning your images into award-winning memories.
Anasazi Adventures is a Magic Hour Four Corners digital tour where we practice what we preach ~ shoot at dawn / dusk then midday discuss how you can turn your images into award-winners. Here, we take Pathways to new heights; we get out in the real wilderness with a camera to capture Pathways of Light!
When not otherwise occupied, we simply discuss other things that also interest us...

Reward yourself! Dance through our Fine Art Galleries. Look at limited examples from our book, workflow, and workshops. Take Pathways with us on tours to ancient Anasazi lands...

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