Aug 15, 2008

Blogger’s Help Crew and Internet Browsers

Browsers have slight differences in how they handle the input stream directed to them from all over the planet. 
What's an input stream?
To most bloggers, its words you write and pictures you show.  Naturally, you'd like to see both appear on the page in a harmonious fashion.
To a few bloggers, its underlying HTML that specifies what appears how on which page.

In the past few weeks of blog development, I've found differences between Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 3 with respect to Blogger. 
Many digital photographers prefer Firefox.  But, with Blogger, it has some limitations.  My landscapes are not always centered in the blog with Firefox, in spite of me specifying the center command in HTML.  Firefox won't make a PDF beyond the first page with Blogger.
Yet, in yesterday's bug release, the Blogger Crew put a new face on composing blogs.  Unfortunately, this morning, when I tried to compose a blog, IE 7 just sat there... (it wouldn't let me compose a blog).
As I had learned to do using both browsers to process blog PDFs, I thought, "Well, what will Firefox do?"
Firefox quickly let me compose and publish the D300 blog.
What I printed that blog in IE 7, the D300 image was centered.

Now, wouldn't you think the Blogger Crew would've thought of that before they published a partially working bug fix?

Most everyone who lives in the Southwest is familiar with the word Cuidate!  It means, “Be Careful…”

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