Jun 13, 2009

Anasazi Adventures

Photo tours draw two types of photographers; amateurs, who use their camera as a vehicle for immersion in beauty and really serious semi-pro or trophy photographers, who come to get great pictures to enhance their portfolio.
The Mesa Verde culture in Anasazi country allows tour leaders to deal with both amateurs and semi-pros. Anasazi history is strongly supported by Basketmaker and Pueblo site renovations in National Parks such as Chaco and Mesa Verde.
Amateurs can travel Chaco, NM, Mesa Verde, CO, etc. both photographing and enhancing their sense of culture and heritage. Rangers lead guided tours - but control time and place for photos. Magic Hour tours can be arranged with sufficient notice.
Semi-pros may want more; gorgeous Magic Hour shots of natural ruins near dawn/dusk with an expert photographer/storyteller sharing extended discussions of Anasazi history. Cedar Mesa, Utah, provides an outdoor museum where such explorations support nature’s abundance and remarkable Anasazi ruins anytime.
Pursuit of pictorial trophies requires sacrifice, packing gear and food in odd places at times of real beauty (dawn and dusk), patience with changing weather, and perseverance. Advanced amateurs might find such treks an exciting period of photographic growth while loving Magic Hour challenges.

For Anasazi Adventures, we provide a few bits of Anasazi history; where they lived, when they lived, then some natural ruins left behind as a timeless heritage.
For Anasazi background, we provide:
1. Why I Shoot Anasazi
2. Mesa Verde Culture ~ The Anasazi
3. Where Did Anasazi Live?
4. When Did Anasazi Live There?

You can find Anasazi Adventures references in the sidebar (right hand side) of Pathways of Light.

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